The #NoToNTDs movement

"No to NTDs" is part of an inclusive advocacy campaign aimed at increasing awareness, prioritization and national commitment to accelerate the control and elimination of NTDs in Africa.

Youth Leadership initiative

The youth leadership initiative seeks to build a network of youth-led organizations committed to ending NTDs within their communities and countries through national-level advocacy, action, and leadership engagement. Participants in the program will receive funding, mentorship, and resources to support them to engage effectively in decision- and policymaking spaces, and to drive forward their efforts to champion change in their communities.

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Champions of the No to NTDs Movement

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a group of destructive and dangerous communicable diseases. Although they can be prevented and treated, they continue to cause severe disfigurement and other long-term disabilities that create obstacles to education, employment, economic growth and overall development.

The NTD Burden


billion people are affected by NTDs worldwide.


of African countries are cœndemic for at least 5 of these diseases.


of the global NTD burden occurs in Africa.


of global healthcare funding goes to controlling NTDs.